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EXPANSE AND POPULATION:  Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and largest in the Mediterranean sea after Sicily, Sardinia and Cyprus. It is located in southeast of the Mediterranean sea and it is also the most southern point of Europe. It lies at the Southern Aegean Sea and at the crossroads of three continents Europe, Asia and Africa.

The island Crete is one of 13 large territories of Greece and her total population is  601.131 habitants. Capital cof Crete is the city of Heracleio. All the large cities of the island are situated on its northern side and all border with the sea. From west to east, these cities are as follows: Chania, population 53.373, Rethymno, 31.687 , Heracleio, 137.711, Aghios Nikolaos, 19.462.

Crete covers an area of 8.336 sq. kms. The length of the island is 260 km, but the shore-length is 1.046 km. The biggest width is 60 km from the Dion cape to the Lithinon cape, while the smallest is 12 km and is called "isthmus of Ierapetra". 

CLIMATE:  The climate of Crete is considered as one from the more beautiful, healthier and more softly of Europe. A factor, which plays decisive role in the configuration of climate, is the sea that surrounds the island. In the coastal regions, particularly in the southerner coastal regions, the climate it is so much mild so that here are cultivated tropical plants, for instance bananas. The city of Jera'petra is considered the hottest Greek city and her region is considered as the hottest lands of Greece.

BEACHES: In the prefecture of Chania there are two splendid beaches, the Elafoni'sj in the southwestern and the Falasarna in the northwestern, while one of the bigger beaches is found in the Georgia town (Georgiupoli), between Chania and Rethimno. A tropical beach, that is found in east part of Crete is the beach Va'j, a paradise landscape, where there is the alone natural palm of Europe (Here is the unique forest of palm tree of the Europe). The beach of Ma'tala , in southerly the Heraklion, is known for his caves while it allocate also a enjoyable sunny beach with sand. There are, also, beautiful beaches in the Frankokastelo, Long Seashore , Down Za'kro , Pre'veli , Palajo'hora , Saint Pelagia , J'stro and Ma'lja